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Felt roofs are made from a rigid urethane or phenolic insulant, which is laminated onto a solid roofboard.

A felt roof is applied to a baseboard, which is coated with a preservative. This is to help maintain the condition of the baseboard for longer. Lay the felt roofing over the baseboard and secure it using clout nails, ensuring the material is laid smoothly, with no air bubbles. Over the first layer, paint bitumen mastic over the layer before applying the felt layer flat. Using a soft brush, try to remove any air bubbles. Depending on the strength of the roof, you may be able to walk on any air bubbles to remove them. Any gaps should be painted with bitumen mastic to aid waterproofing. Finally, apply the third layer in the same way as the second. Apply another coating of bitumen mastic over the entire surface, before scattering a chipping compound of limestone, granite or gravel, across the roof. This helps strengthen the surface, and also helps to reflect sunlight, protecting the roof.

Felt roofing is usually used for flat roofs. Many homes can have certain areas with a flat roof which requires felt roofing, as tiles are not effective on a level surface. Garages and pre-fabricated buildings regularly use felt roofing as it is cheaper and easier to apply then tiling. It is also common on garden sheds, due to the light weight construction used.


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